About Us

Where families improve their lives as they learn to be self-sustaining.

Our History

November 11, 2011 marked the time in which we were Introduced to the “Wealth for Humanity”. We started MDC as a group whose goal was To Change Lives Globally…

Our group has formally been incorporated on the 29th of September 2017 with SEC Registration Number CN201729047 and Tax Information Number 009-798- 500-000 under the name of Modern Disciples of God Foundation Incorporated (MDGFI).

Since then, we have launched our first program entitled LIFESTYLE CHANGE. A program geared towards changing the lives of 10 million families through a sustainable livelihood program and feeding 5 million families until such time that they can be incorporated into the livelihood program. This way, “We do not give them fish but instead we Teach the people How to fish,” for HUMANITY’S WEALTH lays not on its finances but on the human lives we touch.

Mission and Vision

Expanding our membership to cater to the Indigents and Indigenous people, we learned that being a Soldier for Christ is not bound by religion nor is it bounded by beliefs and norms. In as much as the Filipino race (much more humanity in general) is a melting pot of all sorts of religious beliefs, MDC was changed to MDGFI.

MDGFI’s Mission is to alleviate poverty through a sustainable livelihood program while helping the people find their way back to the Father, the Creator of the Universe.

MDGFI’s Vision is to ensure that the wealth given by the Father, through any means, shall be used for the sole purpose of ensuring that the mission shall be attained.