Our Commitments

For our Beneficiaries

Financial Commitment

  • The livelihood Program includes a financial commitment of a monthly stipend for the beneficiaries.
  • The assistance is set for 2 years while the families are being prepared and trained to be self-sustaining.
  • Stipends are pro-rated and dependent on the family category.

Insurance, Educational & Savings Commitment

  • Insurance
    • HMO & Life
  • Education
    • Free education once the Elementary and Secondary Schools are built.
    • Scholarships for College and Vocational Courses will be covered by a pre-need Educational Plan.
  • Savings
    • Included in the training and development program.

Benefits at a Glance

Foresight of the total benefits the beneficiaries are entitled to from 2017-2018.

Description Financial Assitance Insurance Package House and Livelihood
Php 750 k Php 3M + HMO Boats for Fishermen
Tractors for Farmers
Vehicles for the Working Class
Houses for all beneficiaries
Php 2.1 M Php 3M + HMO
Working Class
Php 6.2 M Php 3M + HMO

To the Government

Facilites and Amenities

MDFGI Facilities and Amenities are open to Government Employees and Offices free of use.

Among such facilities includes an office space and villas for conference purposes. The target date of completion as shown in the chart below.

81 Provinces (1 Office & 10 Villas)
2018 Costing # of Provinces
May 750,000,000 17
June 1,700,000,000 34
July 1,500,000,000 30
TOTAL 428,500,000 81

The construction of markets, schools, hospitals and churches shall also be shared not only with tge Government but also with the public pending terms and conditions set forth by MDGFI.

Housing Commitments

Housing shall be in accordance with the Government Office in charge of Housing and Development.

2018 # of Provinces
August 10,000,000,000 2000
September 20,000,000,000 4000
October 20,000,000,000 4000
November 50,000,000,000 10000
December 50,000,000,000 10000
TOTAL 150,000,000,000 30,000

The target is for each of the 10M beneficiary families to have their own home by 2020.

Government Projects

Improvement of roads and other projects deemed necessary shall be funded by MDGFI for as long as the budget permits.

As support to the feeding program of the government, MDGFI pledges to feed 1,000 families initially and targets to feed 2M families by the end of 2018.

This shall include Corporate Vehicles, Tractors for Farmers and Boats for Fishermen.

Month Boats Tractors Corporate Vehicles
November 19,000,000
December 13,000,000
January 9,000,000
April 50,000,000 100,000,000
May 50,000,000 100,000,000
June 150,000,000 300,000,000
July 150,000,000 300,000,000
Total 400,000,000 800,000,000 41,000,000


Foundation accounts are open for audit by the BIR.

Voluntary Taxes

  • Though MDGFI is a Foundation, and foundations are tax exempt, included in our Pledge of Commitment is the payment of Voluntary Taxes to the government.
  • Taxes are pegged at 10% of all Financial benefits given to the beneficiaries.